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Reina Cookies - simply indulgent
  • Unbelievable!!!!
    Reina Cookies are honestly the best cookie I have ever had in my life!! I received them as a Christmas gift shipped to my home in PA. I highly recommend them to everyone. They were a great surprise and I plan to send them to my family and friends for birthday and special events and of course to myself. (maybe monthly) Thank You for coming up with a Great Cookie!
  • It's REINn Cookies!
    I had my very first Reina cookie for my birthday this year. A dear friend was gracious enough to share the gift of my absolute favorite thing : sweets and treats! I fell head over heels in love with Reina Cookies. They are amazing enough to satisfy every craving I have for sweets and treats and they are bold enough that I only need one to meet my needs :) I would rather sit with one magical Reina Cookie than eat a whole box of my previous faves. (I can't even remember their name anymore!) I don't do treats often, but when I do, a Reina Cookie is my go to, first time every time. It's a must have!
  • Absolutely Delicious!
    I LOVE having Reina cookies in the freezer! They are absolutely the most delicious cookies I have ever eaten! My family and friends can't resist the warm and crispy deliciousness with chocolate chips and nuts in every bite. Just writing this review is making my mouth water for a Reina cookie!
    Reina Cookies are absolutely divine! They melt in your mouth and are delicious right out of the freezer and of course out of the oven. We love them. They are AWESOME!
  • Sooo yummy!
    Great cookies!!! Perfect gift for any occasion. Have sent a few for delivery out of town and am very impressed with the follow through on shipping. Have received them as a gift and savored every bite!!!
  • Way More Than A Cookie
    The word "cookie" does not do these cookies justice. They are an experience. It's like rich decadence meets the warmest home on earth.....all in a bite. Amazing.
  • No Better Pick-Me Up!!
    There is no better cookie than a Reina cookie and once you have tried your first bite you are hooked! The best part is you can ejoy that warm, fresh out of the oven goodness with out all the hassle!! YUM!!
  • Amazing Cookies!!!
    Eating these cookies is an amazing experience!!! The aroma, the slight crunch as you bite into them, the gooey soft middle and the explosion of chocolate combine to make these the best cookies you will ever eat! I cannot recommend them enough! I've given dozens for presents and they were always received with great appreciation! My husband and son are always thrilled when they find some in the freezer, ready to be warmed and enjoyed!
  • Heaven in your mouth!!
    These cookies are a taste of heaven in your mouth. They are so filled with goodness that I am not even sure what is inside but I love every bite. Best part is that you can serve them room temp, freezing cold, or piping hot! No matter how you decide to eat your Reina cookie your sure to be absolutely delighted. Enjoy!
  • Val White
    Besides being a good, truly chocolate, chocolate chip cookie, the thing I love about these cookies is that they are kept in the freezer so if I need a quick homemade desert they are done in 10 minutes. My family is used to homemade treats, not storebought and they give these cookies a 10 out of 10 rating.
  • Melt in your mouth!
    When you eat this cookie it melts in your mouth!! You wil have dreams about it!!! Best cookie ever!!
  • The perfect treat!
    There is so much to love in a Reina Cookie. It's the perfect decadent treat. Warm it up in the oven, pour a glass of cold milk, and savor all the chocolaty goodness. Then repeat.
  • Best cookie ever!!
    I just had these for the first time a few days ago and they are by far the best cookie ever! Perfect consistency and if you love chocolate this will totally make your heart smile!
  • Carrie Driscoll
    Sweet tooth? You will be completely satisfied with just one bite... maybe two... o.k., just eat the whole cookie! Sit back, relax, knowing you have eaten the best cookie on the planet! Reina Cookies ROCK!
  • Perfection!
    This is our favorite cookie! Experience the most delicious cookie and support great causes all at the same time with Reina Cookies. These make great gifts!
  • Cookie Love!!!
    Best dang cookie on the planet!!!

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